Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Recap Versace for H&M Moment!

Hey guys, I have been busy lining up to get some pieces of Versace for H&M, attending both the red carpet and award show of American Music Award, and watching Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1! Who have watched it on theater? I love it ! I love the whole wedding theme and design, love their honeymoon getaway to a private island, and love the fight between the werewolves and vampires! LOL Anyway, I have to stay on track here as I am about to recap the moment where I had to wake up early in the morning just to know that the line to Versace for H&M launch at South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa was full of many people starting to line up at midnight of 18th-19th! It was intensely crazy, the collection was sold out in few hours! People coming out from the stores carrying 6-8 even more bags on their own greedy hands. It was just crazy and intense! Never thought that most people would have the heart to wake up early just to get some piece of Versace into their own closet or even sell them on Ebay for higher price (for those who are business-minded :)). Well luckily, here are some Versace for H&M pieces that I successfully brought home :)

 Bought "The Bible of Fashion."  Might sell one since I have two :)
 I was really hoping to get the bomber jacket with palm print on both hands side (the one that Kanye West wore to VS Fashion Show) but didn't get the chance! :( It was all sold out; I was so lucky to get this jacket from someone else who got it first and sold me for a higher price than the store but he was only selling it to me ! :) sweet*

 Not sure whether I should keep this or sell it! 

 But, I will totally keep this one!! :)

 These heels are not my size, it's too big so I would either sell it or return it :( 

So what do you think guys? Share some thoughts and comments if you also happened to get some pieces of Versace for H&M :)

 Long- long line in a freezing morning! Thanks to my sister and bro in law who accompanied me to shop for this limited collection on a Saturday morning! :)

 All cheered up !! :)

all pics are from my own lenses


Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, love the pieces you pulled. 3 interviews today, a flight across the country, and a madhouse of things to do, but somehow your post calms me. obsessed with your blog, love. hope you're having a fabulous day. xo


Laura Clayderman said...

thanksss lovelies!! <3
you made my day :)
have a fabulous day also and be safe from a hectic schedule! hope u'll pass all well dear!


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