Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Came to Fly, to Win, to Rise

Went out the whole day to Universal Studios with my sis and bro in law. But before that, I got the chance to meet Miranda Kerr in person. She came to South Coast Plaza to promote the relaunch of VS stores there. The store is really wide and big; it consists of VS x Sexy collections as well. I bought 2 yoga bras and a PINK yoga pants. I have bought 2 bras before at San Diego from VS too, so this time I'm getting other products to try on or else my bra closet will be full! I have tons of bras because I think it is necessary for every woman to find the perfect bras for her to wear on her daily life just to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time!

 A sweet VS fans whom I met during the line up :) 

 Finally, got to wear my new boots from Nordstrom :) 

 The Bedazzled Million Dollars Bra that Miranda used during VS Fashion Show! 

 Wonder if they ship this million dollars bra to South Coast Plaza! 

 Miranda from afar.

This is my edit version of the pic! Which one do you like better? :) 

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Here are some other pics of Miranda Kerr... 
I first met her during the Bombshell tour at The Grove, Beverly Hills. I was just having a touch up for a make up and was siting nicely on VS black chair inside the store. Then my friend who went out with me told me that there was someone so pretty inside the store also, at that time I was closing my eyes because the VS make up associate was applying an eye liner to me. When I open my eyes, I got so shocked and surprised !! Miranda Kerr was right in front of me... Sadly, I couldn't take pics with her, her bodyguards are so mean :( I had to be clever and snap some of these pics of her :) She is such a goddess !

She is one of my favorite VS angel for sure! She is so nice and gorgeously beautiful!! To see my conversation with her at facebook click here :) 


Laura Clayderman said...

thanksss dear ! xx
i'll check out your blog :)


Wida said...

Can't believe you got to meet Miranda Kerr! She's like, my idol. She's so down-to-earth and gorgeous!! Ah!

Missing Amsie Blog

Gorgeous Glam said...

How fun! I love your sweater! You look fab dear! xx

Laura Clayderman said...

thank you taj!! :) xx

Fash Boulevard said...

omg. so fun. could you be any cuter. Miranda always looks flawless. Oh, and I like your edited pic better. She looks like a wax figure. totally perfect. Have a fabulous weekend, love. xo

Laura Clayderman said...

thanksss babee!! <3

have a fab weekend as well love!

Debbie said...

It was so nice meeting you Laura! My friends think she looks like a wax figure too because she just looks so amazing. :)
Thanks for the pics and for keeping me company in line! You're awesome!


Laura Clayderman said...

Thankss Deb!
keep in touch :)


Valencia Maximillian said...

i love love love loveeee Miranda Kerr!! so lucky to be you!! <3
nice outfit and u're pretty :D


Laura Clayderman said...

thank youuu valencia <3

Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

OMG SO AWESOME <3 Miranda is gorgeous
you met her twice right?

love ur boots btw ;)

Unknown said...

i love your outfit!!!

Laura Clayderman said...

nadya- thanks :) yes, twice already <3
kalancea- thanks dear! xx
don't forget to join my 1st give-away at my latest post above !! Victoria's Secret kits for your early Christmas gifts! :)


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