Thursday, November 3, 2011

Splurging before Christmas!

As much as a denial I am when it comes in wearing eye glasses, I went to LensCrafters for an eye exam. The doctor prescribed me computer glasses, which I only wear during blogging and browsing and of course, reading my school's text books! I was having a difficulty in choosing between Burberry and Ray-Ban for the frame, but then I ended up choosing Ray-Ban for its more youthful appeal and style :)

Got another Ray-Ban in my collection :) What do you guys think? Do they look good on me? Do I look nerd or serious to you? LOL 

Speaking of another collection, I added some nail polishes into my drawer.. This time, it's not only from OPI but also one from Nails Inc., which I bought from Sephora. It has this magnetic effect that you can create a magnetic wave to your nails! I am obsessed with all sequins and glitters stuffs, so I bought a gold and red brownish nail polish from OPI! Can't wait to wear them for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  

And here are some of my looks for Halloween! What did you guys dress up for Halloween?? :)


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