Monday, October 17, 2016

New York Skyline

In this post, you'll see NY just how it is... Tall buildings... Skyline Architectures... Neon lights... 
People from all over the world crossing the street. 
But this is my story... So enjoy!

Can't get enough of this night view  

Stayed in an apartment at Manhattan with a stunning view

 If I can have this view every night...

 Not a sweet-tooth person, but definitely recommend these cookies! 

 Best macarons in States... From PARIS...

 Met the talented, beautiful Arden Cho at one of NY Fashion Week night

 The city that never sleep....

This state somehow reminds me of Gossip Girl...

I wish we have this cafe at LA. The matcha was really refreshing and tasteful! It's located at Little Italy; CHA CHA MATCHA.

Met the famous, talented Xenia. 

Walking around SOHO...

Hope you enjoy the photos I took! Let me know if you need any recommendation where to eat or take pictures at NY :)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Coldplay Live at Rose Bowl Stadium 2016

I wasn't a big fan of Coldplay before I decided to go to their concert last night and was forever amazed and stunned by their performance. I think it's because I haven't really spending time listening to their music when I grow up personally (no offense to die hard fans of Coldplay :p). I decided to blast and keep re-playing my Spotify music to Coldplay's old famous hits and their newest album "A Head Full of Dreams" a week before the concert. Plus, I had just finished enjoying Adele's performance 2 weeks prior. 
I gotta say that this is one of the most festive concert or live performances I've ever been to. The colorful props, fireworks, and lights all around the stage last night made it worth watching and experiencing. 
The lead singer of the band, Chris Martin, admitted he snacked on banana in the morning of the scheduled show that he caused light burps here and there during beginning of his performances. But hey, we didn't even recognize that until he brought it up. His energy and the overall atmosphere was very powerful that the whole audience was singing and dancing along all night long.

 Sorry for the poor quality images of the band, since we weren't allowed to bring camera.