Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hi lovelies,
I finally had my day off from work today and got to enjoy a chill, relaxing afternoon, strolling around Melrose and West Hollywood. Just want to share some nice pics I took of the cute places of walls surrounded by ivy, red doors, and cute little gate entrance to high-branded stores at Melrose. For my #ootd, my friend helped me took it :)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

ANGELS by Russell James

Hi Angels!! If you're a fan of Victoria's Secret Angels, or models, or even nude photography, here's a chance for you to purchase Russell James' latest ANGELS book that is now in stock on his website. There are 3 different copies that you can get ranging from $199 to $399. You'll get standard copy for $199. If you want his autograph, it's going to be an extra $100. Then, a personalized message from James himself and a name of your choice on the ANGELS book cost $399.
You might want to think whether it's time to upgrade your iPhone or buy this book LOL.
The price is quiet high due to his famous photographs with top-world models from around the world, especially the girls who are listed as Victoria's Secret Angels; Alesandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel to name a few.. 

Well... let me know if you are getting one and enjoy!
They will make sure "readers will be taken on a voyeuristic journey into a world of subtle provocation." 

Friday, October 24, 2014

BANKS live on The Wiltern, LA

Here is another concert review from me... 2 nights ago I went to see Jillian Rose Banks aka @hernameisbanks, or known as BANKS by her followers. I have just recently discovered her through Instagram then Spotify, and didn't know that one of my friend also loves her. It's just a coincidence knowing that she would have her concert coming up in Los Angeles, so I was super excited and bought the ticket last minute. Didn't think that I would score a GA FLOOR access to her show even though I bought it last minute.
As for my personal opinion, her music is dark, but not as dark as Lorde's. Her music has more upbeat beats, which I love and totally enjoy listening to along with the deep meaning to every lyrics on her songs.
We had to wait a while till she showed up, but the wait was worth it when she came up and performed on the stage! Definitely recommend everyone who loves alternative pop/ dark R&B music to listen to hers and even see her in person or performing live!
I think what makes me like her even more is because "her rhapsodic voice possesses a frail vulnerability" aspect to every words she's singing; as agreed by Billboard. 

Sorry for the low resolution pics because I took it with my iPhone 5 in a very dark room and a heavy lighting on the stage. Well if it makes you any better to know her, here she is...

Here are some of the videos that I took: 
Of course, my fave of them all is when she performed my fave song in her album: "Begging For Thread."