Saturday, October 15, 2011

my de-jay list of the week

Here are some of new songs that I love listening on my car's fm radio and you-tube recently :) Enjoy....

Cher Llyod looks so gorgeously attractive here! I love her hair style :)

Go buy or download the full album of Pitbull's , Planet Pit. I guarantee your ears will stick to it! It consists of great techno music featuring many famous and talented artists !!

Tell me, which one do you like among these 3 songs ?? 

As much as I am the girl who loves dressing for fashion, I spend most of my time studying and also, going to the gym. I love working out because when I feel fit, I feel happy :)
Just want to share to you guys what kinda outfit that I usually wear for a work out session... 

 I lovee this Rayban sunnies ... 

 Got this t-shirt from Bali, Indonesia! It's one of the famous beer brand there :) 
And I bought Nike +Sportband to track my pace, calories, time, and many more when I'm running.
Check out the reviews, if you are considering to buy it ...

 Got lots of Nike running short collections in my wardrobe because they are sooo comfy !

And here is my favorite fitness bag. What I put inside: member key, itouch, gloves, socks, towel, & water..


Unknown said...

Hi doll!
I really love your blog!
Please feel free to check out mine and follow if you'd like :)
Have a lovely weekend xoxo

Laura Clayderman said...

thankss dearr!!
will check out your blog :)


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