Thursday, February 23, 2012

Movie of the Week

Hey lovelies, I have recently watched 2 movies that I would love to share! I loveee the Vow and This Means War. Both of them , I would consider as chick flick films but it's never too wrong for guys to watch it as well! If you want a romantic date out with your loved ones, go and watch The Vow! If you are going out with your girlfriend or even your boyfriend for a fun , chill out day certainly go watch This Means War. I love that movie because who wouldn't love being a girl whose fought over 2 hot guys at the same time? LOL Well, that's just my sneak peak of the film. Go watch it yourself in the theater , I don't to be a spoiler for telling out movie stories in advance if you haven't watched it :P

Oopsss I may have slip one of my pic there!! :p LOL
Enjoy your weekend loveliesss <3

movie posters are courtesy of google


Virginia said...

thanks for your comment!
Of course! we can follow each other! I follow you! would you like to follow me on GFC and Bloglovin'?


Style Servings said...

Haha!! Cute pic, can't wait to see these movies!

caise said...

can't wait to see those movies:)

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