Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marni for H&M

Hey lovelies, I have been busy with moving out . I am moving to a new house , hope everything will turn out great :) Keep you posted with my housewarming party on this Sunday! :)
Anyway, just wanna share to you guys a quick post of video directed by Sofia Coppola- Marni for H&M. The collection will debut on March 3, 2012.

Tell me... are you excited for another designer's collaboration for H&M? :)


caise said...

yeah! I'm so excited!

LOLA FINN said...

Oh, you are sooo cute!! ^-^
Your German is neary perfect :)
Thank you soooo much four your love comment, honey!!
Kisses :)

Style Servings said...

Can't wait!!! Love the prints!

Gillie said...

yayy I'm very excited for Marni for H&M, anything affordable from designers is great for me!

xo Gillie

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