Sunday, June 2, 2013

Heroic Jolie

Hi lovelies, I have been enjoying my holiday now... Had stressing out to get through Spring semester, but finally I had pulled it through ! For those of you who are having finals, good luck! AND for those of you who are on holiday, be safe and have an adventurous Summer 2013 !! :)

Just want to post the latest news about Angelina Jolie. I have always adored her both as a mother and an actress. She is a real role model for me despite the negative comments from the media or the public about her stealing Brad Pitt from Jennifer Anniston lol ..
But, I just want to appreciate her decision on her mastectomy procedure... She had been through a three-months health procedure and still looking like a goddess returning on her 1st red carpet with her fiance, Brad Pitt, accompanied along with her adopted children, Maddox and Pax.

If you want to read more about her recent life-decision on having preventive double mastectomy and is planning to have her ovaries removed due to her high risk of getting or developing breast and ovarian cancer, go buy People magazine or read her article on New York Times.

 Looking radiant as always...

all pics are from yahoo OMG!

And here are some of other fellow celebrities who applaud Angelina Jolie for her heroic acts :)


Danica Stark said...

interesting article
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Nadia Nathania said...

Wow great post!
Angelina is really a hero! :)
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Unknown said...

Wow, making a decision like that is huge. Have to give credit where credit is due. Goodluck to her!

Shari Alexa said...

i like your blog header hehehehe

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