Thursday, June 27, 2013

BELIEVE by Justin Bieber

I have met Mike Posner the other day while I was hanging out at Beverly Hills... And here I met him again performing as the opening of #BELIEVE concert at LA Staples on Monday night... 

The second opening band was HCR or Hot Chelle Rae... Wasn't too excited because I have been to their private video taping during last year's American Music Awards ...

Scooter Braun was there, people were screaming when he entered the building.. As well as this lil rock star name Newboyz...

So many girls in audience were screaming out loud for JB since the beginning till the end of the concert, which is amazing and crazy at the same time !! My ears were kinda hurt after I left the building LOL... The audience were certainly in love with him and were in full energy that night as #BELIEBERS...

Been in events / concerts with JB in it several times... But this night was my first #believe concert !!

Again, I would say that this artist has talents! He can play all kinds of music instruments, and he keeps excelling in his dance moves, swaggy style, and sound techniques....
Overall, I am a very proud belieber :)

I love JB because he inspires me to BELIEVE always no matter what life may bring. Life is all about dreaming. Go dream big and reach it !! Keep believing lovelies !!!

And as usual, he ended up his concert with "One Less Lonely Girl," taking a special girl to the stage!! How I wish she was me ! LOL

Keep in tune to see some of the videos that I took !! COMING SOON.... and don't forget to follow my instagram for latest pics & vids @lclayderman.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer is around the corner !

Hi LOVELIES !! How have you been? 
I was planning to learn cooking with my grandma during summer,  but luckily I am busy with my internship now at The Network. It is one of the largest modeling and talent agency ! I am so blessed to have such a chance and an opportunity to learn and grow. Once again  love, please don't look down on yourself. Always believe and try harder ! You will never know what might come in the way :)

Anyway, here are some of the shoots that I took while I was at the beach on a memorial day weekend. I decided to head unto Malibu Beach despite the horrible traffic, since everyone is out enjoying the day off . 

I wore a British flag bikini from Target and Rayban aviator…

This is actually my 1st bikini shoot , just wanna try it out and have fun with it :) What do you think ?

Updates this week: 
1. Kim K and Kanye W welcoming baby girl ! 
2. Kanye W " YEEZUS" is released !! You can start listening to it on Spotify .
3. Can't wait for "BLING RING" movie to come out! Here is the latest short trailer :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Here are just some looks that I shot the other day when I was sick ! But, still keeping it casual and stylist at the same time during LA's hotness ! LOL 
I have been recently hired as an intern at The NETWORK Modeling and Talent Agency for Summer 2013, and am very excited to explore and learn about the modeling field and the entertainment aspect of it. On a side note: always believe in yourself that you can achieve great things. Be humble and start the way from bottom till the end. Because that way, every step will make you stronger as a person and a fighter. :) Just a bit of wise words there for your weekend remedy :)

 Homies South Central by Brian Lichtenberg, Mango short, Christian Louboutin Intern Flats, RayBan Color Polarized Icon

Btw, I am so excited to watch "The Bling Ring" on theater!! Can't wait.. 
I have been hearing about the buzz since last year when I did my paper on Emma Watson for one of my Entertainment PR class, and finally this summer, it's going to come soon on the theater :) Oscar- winning director, Sofia Coppola, is inspired by a true live-event of 5 teenagers who broke into celebrities' houses and stole some of exquisite, valuable celebrities' belongings. 

Are you excited?? 

image from refinery29