Monday, May 7, 2012

Justin Bieber follows me on Twitter!

As much as I love Hollywood celebrities, I have never thought that Justin Bieber will follow me on Twitter one day! LOL I was just going home from a tired day after working the whole day today... Then after hot shower, I checked my phone and there were so many random tweets saying that Justin Bieber is following me on Twitter. There are many Bieber 's fans on twitter who are getting crazy about asking me some stuffs , I had no idea what happened. So of course, I tried to check it out whether the real Justin Bieber is following me on Twitter or not. I couldn't believe it ! He does !!! I've checked it through my ipad, itouch, mac, and phone to make sure if I am looking at the right thing! LOL I am quiet happy though just for a fun fact today.. At least, I could sleep happily tonight after a long day of hard work! :) 

Don't forget to follow my twitter lovelies... I would usually tweet my daily activities and feelings.. I do also retweet many Hollywood fun , fact, random, entertaining news :) So keep in tune and follow me if you'd love to revolve around my bittersweet world @lauraclayderman ... If I get the chance to lay my hands on the new upcoming iphone5 , then I will keep my instagram updated and will let you know! I love posting fun pics from food, nail colors, arts, anythinggg.... you name it :) 

Well I guess, never say never ! :) 


caise said...

yay! :D:D

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