Monday, June 4, 2012

Recap of MTV Movie Awards 2012

Hi lovelies, I am currently waiting in a transit hotel at Taipei Airport from a 13 hrs flight from LA ... I did have fun touring half day at Taipei, met some cool dudes from OZ... Love love their accents... When I said bye, of course I hugged him , but then he offered to kiss and I ended up kissing his beard ... weird.... LOL Anyway, just wanna recap the MTV Movie Awards 2012.. Sadly, on June 3rd midnight I had to go to LAX to fly so there wouldn't be any way that I could watch it... I really really wanted to watch it though along with the special season of PUNK'D with Ashton Kutcher just right before the MTV Movie Awards 2012 took place..
So without further ado, here are some of the guest invitations to the award show...
Congrats to all the winners <3

 They are such a cute couple , both off and on scene ; )

 Won for best kissing couple with her beau, Robert Pattinson, in Twilight

 The host 

all photos are courtesy of getty, MTV movie awards 2012, and Girlfriend

Allright, talk to you later.. I should start taking shower and checking out from the hotel :) Wish me a safe flight back to my hometown .... xx


caise said...

great outfits!

Sick by Trend said...

amazing and Leighton the best :D


.sabo skirt. said...

They all look stunning with their outfits.

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

A Mode World said...

Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone were my favs. xA

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