Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hey lovelies, sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while. I have been busy enjoying my summer holiday here in Indonesia. I love the food, love seeing my family, and love hanging out with my friends. Foremost, love the feeling that I don't have to worry about school and work for now ... LOL Here are just some sneak peaks of what my life is all about through Instagram lense ;) Please follow me @lclayderman for instagram.. You will see many amazing food and beverages post as well :)

See moreeeee @lclayderman.... ;) I gotta go take a rest now, coz I am having a sore throat :( I hope that I won't catch a flu! :(


Jan said...

That waffle looks AMAZING! Have fun there and I hope you feel better :)

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caise said...

great pictures:)
hope you feel better

Vera said...

nice pictures!lovely food!

Aurelia said...

looks like you have a great time, enjoy your vacation....

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