Saturday, September 17, 2011

Check out the 63rd Creative Emmys Award on REELZ Channel, 17 Sept. 2011, on 8.00 p.m!

Hey guyss, I just want to share a quick notice that the 63rd Creative Emmys Award will be broadcast on REELZ Channel tomorrow, Sept. 17, 2011 at 8 p.m, sharp! :) Don't forget to tune in and spot my face on the fourth front row of the show... I hope my face won't got cut of by the editor! LOL
Anyway, just enjoy the show and see all the pretty faces of the winners tomorrow...
For more info go to:

Also, I cannot not share my happiness with all of you that I 've recently decided to buy another new ipad2 .. I bought twice already but they were for my mom and sister.
This time the ipad is for me, my own pleasure to enjoy ... :) I bought the white one, 32GB, wifi only...

I got it fiber carbon protected for the back of my ipad! Doesn't it look cool? :) 
It was from the Ghost Armor. They guy did really a great job and he was so friendly and nice! He said that there will be more colors to come for the carbon fiber protector...

Hope everyone's having a splendid weekend! xx


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