Friday, September 9, 2011

An evening soiree at Fashion's Night Out at L.A.

One word to describe the Fashion's Night Out at L.A. : amah-zing!!!! :)
It will definitely be one of my memorable night because I got the chance to meet many celebrities and a fashion blogger, Shea Marie, from She was such a sweetheart. She looks gorgeous in a black outfit. I also got to chit-chat with her bestie who happens to be her personal photographer for her blog. Accepted a personal signature from her own and captured some pics. She promised me to RT my twitter but haven't heard from her now! :( #stillhopingthough

  I chose my leopard Tory Burch for comfort .... They are so tall! 

Changing tweets and promise me to RT me .... >_<** We have the same phone tho!#bbtorch

Her very own signature and short compliment for me :) <3

Here are my rendezvous with "The OC" sweetheart, one and only, Rachel Bilson...

 A signature of her own

Ends up buying this Rayban aviator from Sunglass Hut

To check out some pics of Rachel Bilson which end up in go here.

Here is my rendezvous with Lauren Conrad, "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach" paramour. She is promoting her new line " Paper Crown." She mentioned she likes my blazer! :p
 I was trying to get a pic with her hooked to my camera, since the time was limited and no pics are allowed at the last minutes :( 

 But yes, she is such an adorable person! Thanks LC! and thanks to my dad for taking this pic (:

A personal autograph from LC 

For additional bonus, I got to meet Lo Bosworth for the 2nd time! :) She is Lauren Conrad's bff both in "The Hills" and real life. 

We wore the same Balenciaga bag. But hers is black mine is turquoise :)

And here are some more pics of celebz and influential people who made it to #FNOLA....
 From left to right: Randy Jackson, Lisa Love, and Nicole Richie

 I passed by her before the event takes place! My eyes were glued to her long legs and beauty!
You go Miss California USA! 

Nicole Richie deals with the press after hosting the event.

Cheers to L.A. for having such an amazing night! Cheers to #Fashion's Night Out and all the coordinators of the show... 


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