Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Werewolf Bites!-Taylor Lautner Covers VMan Magz

The hottie werewolf who stars Twilight saga covers VMan 23 The Archetype Issues, which are already on sale at newsstands or any bookstores. Taylor Lautner shares some thoughts about how he spends most of the time of his adolescent. It includes promoting, shooting, and traveling to new places.
“I go to a beautiful city, spend the whole time in a hotel room, then I’m back on a plane to the next place,” he said.  But yeah, no, I, you know, I hang out with my friends, family, and kind of just - I don’t even know. It’s like, when I am not filming, it seems like - I don’t even know what I do.”

The blockbuster star was photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Nicola Formichetti. Not forgetting to mention that Nicola Formichetti is a fashion director and editor who has worked with top brand fashion industries and Hollywood artists. He is also well known as Lady Gaga's Fashion Director.
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Can't wait to see some more of him in action in Breaking Dawn part 1, which will premiere on theaters on Nov. 18th

"...when you are filming for these Breaking Dawn movies, we were filming for seven months - and if you’re there alone the whole time even with the cast members, like on a day off, or on weekends, you’d go nuts” Taylor said.
Defeated by Edward Cullen, rejected by Bella Swan, shocked of getting unwanted wedding invitation, this hot werewolf is also getting lonely and boring most of the time when he is not working. Unfortunately, this hottie is unavailable anymore. Lily Collins, who partners with Taylor in an upcoming movie, Abduction, manages to fill his boredomness.
To see Abduction trailer, go here.

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