Monday, September 12, 2011

63rd Creative Emmys Award live on 10th September 2011 at Nokia Theater, L.A.

10th September 2011 at Nokia Theater, L.A. was such a golden experience for me to be able to come and see the 63rd Creative Emmys Award. Even though, most of the nominees are revolving around producers, directors, choreographers, and so on.. I still got the chance to spot out some celebrities/ actors/ actresses beside, in front of, and behind me. I was seat filler of course, but the thing is I was sitting on the front 4 row almost from the beginning of the show till nearly end. However, I was only moved twice during the whole event and all of the seats that I sat on are good spots, which enable me to look clearly and lively to the stage and to all of the VIP guests who came. I wasn’t allowed to bring a cell-phone and a camera due to the strict rules and regulations to be professional. So there I was enjoying every moment of it! Because who can get into Emmys Award show, sitting in front sections, being able to see all those creative artists and people without paying any tickets or entry fees??!! So here are some of the appearances who made it into the 63rd Creative Emmys Award live at Nokia Theater, L.A. on Saturday evening ….  (p.s. I only post the pictures of the guests whom I saw with my own eyes on Satuday).

Got to see them most of the time during the event, since they sat on the front row of my right side.

images are courtesy of zimbio and APimages


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