Monday, August 29, 2011

Mini-Movies: Fresh from The Oven!

1st week of university was pretty intense for me , well it's all about the reading assignments that pretty much keeping me so busy over the weekend. But not only that, I met Demi Lovato and I also was just being #sparks fly from Taylor Swift's world tour #speak now. Yes, it is the 2nd time of me getting to watch her on live performance. I will definitely share some pics and upload some videos that I took if possible :)
Now, I just want to share to you guys some new music videos from youtube that are pretty interesting to watch ..... :) Anyway, who watched the #VMA's award?

A little bit old-fashioned, glam rock type of mv, which gives tribute to Mick Jagger , one of the leading vocalist of the famous 1960's rock band #The Rolling Stones. Uhuhh, my eyes are glued to 
Adam Levine hot tats on all over his hot bod!

Applause to one of my favorite eccentric singer, Lady Gaga. I am astonished by her make up, especially the mermaid tail and scales on her cheek bones. Gaga definitely masters her creativity and innovative approach in her mvs. 

Congrats for Beyonce and Jay-Z ! Beyonce had just announced about her pregnancy at MTV VMA's.

For a bonus: Cheers to all who read this post! :)


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