Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coachella 2013 Weekend 1 Recap and 40% off (ticket price) for Weekend 2?!!

Hey lovelies, if you are living in LA.. Don't you feel weird about the weather these days? It was sunny all weekend, but then suddenly it was getting cloudy and dark on the weekends. Then today, it was so windy and cold, but at least the sun comes out! Maybe the weird weather has also influenced the 40% drop price of Coachella weekend 2!! Didn't you hear?? :) Well, if you have nothing to do this weekend, and if you want to experience what Coachella is all about, go buy the ticket fast at Stubhub. For more info about it, go here. Honestly I have always been wanting to experience Coachella and see what the fuss is all about, but I haven't got the right moment to go (since it is during school's time) and haven't got the right crowd to go with (sad, but true) LOL ... Maybe next year?! Well maybe...
I would honestly want to catch seeing and hanging out with all the A-list celebrities who are enjoying the desert with their VIP list of friends. Anyway, here are some of the celebs who came down to this year 2013 Coachella at Palm Spring, CA...

Photos are courtesy of  Fuse TV and Huffingtonpost


Romina said...

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Mela D. said...

Coachella is such a dream! It will always be on my bucketlist. :)
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Jessica said...

i want to go so bad , one day


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Coachella rules! I love Katy Perry's outfit! :D


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Really nice looks! So cool:)


Style by Three said...

Great pictures!!

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Unknown said...

I wish I lived in California too. Dallas wheather is the same :)))

Kisses. Come visit us!


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