Sunday, September 3, 2017

One Republic Live at The Forum August 31, 2017

One Republic has been one of my favorite band since I heard their "Apologize" song was used in many films and The Hills series; and Ryan Tedder has been one of my favorite singer of all time.
I was so happy I got the chance to experience them live the 3rd time at The Forum on Thursday, August 31st. The first time I saw them live was at The Troubadour, Hollywood where I got the chance to meet with the bass player and the drummer right after the concert ended :)

Like always their live performance are always worth watching and experiencing if you love alternative pop-rock band. Their new album "OH MY MY" however is a more pop-techno vibe. But like the lead vocalist said regarding their music genre:

"We're no respecter of genre. If it's a good song or a good artist whether rock, pop, indie or hip hop, they've probably influenced us on some level... nothing's new under the sun, we're a sum of a bunch of parts." 
What I adore about One Republic's arts are the lyrics they wrote in every music they produce and the tones / music they compose. It's easy to listen and relate to; as well as to sing along anywhere and anytime. During the concert, Ryan Tedder explained how the band mostly used their personal experiences as inspirations of writing and composing their music. I guess that's what makes them relatable on so many aspects of life.


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