Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreak Live at Hollywood Bowl 2015

Last night was the first concert I've been to in 8 months, and it was Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreak. The last concert that I went to was Sam Smith: In the Loneliest Hour on January 2015. My life has been pre-occupied with work and traveling now that I barely keep up with concerts. But enough about my life, this post is to recap what happened last night at Mr. West's concert at Hollywood Bowl, LA. A night performance full of melancholy vibes, characterized upon alienation, loneliness, heartbreaks, and insomnia. 

He performed about 13 songs, all taken from his critical-acclaim successful album in 2008; "808s & Heartbreak." The stage was lit up with monochromatic lights and color hues of white, light pink, and light brown. Set of orchestra groups, back-up singers, and muscular African-American men filled up the Hollywood Bowl's stage last night. There was so much auto-tune happening last night while he performed with his seemingly nervous & shaky voice. It's not going to be easy for this common over-confident singer to relive his dark past. The "808s & Heartbreak" album was released on 2008, chronicles his mother's death, his split with his long time fiancee, and his bad reputation from the public regarding his comment about George Bush. 

Overall, his performance was raw that he showed his emotions and fears to the public on a night of an-expected entertaining performance, which was not easy for him. But he managed through, and ended his show with a wide smile and a bowing appreciation with all other performers to his fans.  

pics are from NY Times and StereoGum