Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Oscars 2014 Red Carpet Recap

Who've watched The Oscars 2014 or may be known as the 86th Annual of Academy Awards?? Surely, you would know the big names of the winners for tonight.   Most of the films that have recently been released prior to Oscar, which also won a lot of awards at The Golden Globes. To see the winner lists go here.

I find it very humorous when Ellen Degeneres was the presenter for this show! Did you spot their selfies?! Apparently, it's going viral now! LOL And buying some pizza for the starving celebs in the show? Really, Ellen??! You just make The Oscar 2014 show less boring.... lol

However, I'm just here to report on the red carpet's fashion at The Oscars 2014!
Please enjoy some of the looks that I found fascinating and delightful ....

 Congrats to Lupita for her Oscar trophy! Her speech was so inspiring. She said: "No matter where you're from, your dream is valid!" You go girl!! 

 Oh wow, Margot Robbie looks stunning with dark hair!! 

 Always adore her! Looking fantastic as always, Angie!

all pics are from Huffington Post

 Here are the best selfies for 2014!! Congrats Ellen and Meryl Streep! LOL

Another backstage selfies from Emma and Joseph, who are not included in Ellen's selfie pic! lol

selfies pics are from Telegraph UK

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Love the pics! The dresses are amazing and I love that you posted my two favorite guys. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jared Leto!!!


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beautiful photos!!

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