Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Modern Family Casts Hold Fan Appreciation Day #MOFYDAY

Last night I attended the Modern Family Fan Appreciation Day, sponsored by USA Network... #MOFYDAY... !! Modern Family is a comedy sitcom aired on ABC that has already won 18 Emmys Awards. The event was held at Westwood, LA. The same place where I attended Selena Gomez's movie premiere. It was such an amazing night to see the whole cast attending the red carpet and Q&A session. They read a play from the drama that fans voted for. Lily came in during the middle of the session, which melts everyone's heart watching her walking through the stage with her cute red kimono. My fave would be Sofia Vergara or Gloria as called in the film. She is hilariously funny. I just like everything about her.. The way she talks and move and have you not notice, she smiles a lot... I say like a lot! LOL Which is good to pass on that positive fines to always smile and be happy :)

Well without further ado, here are some of the snaps that I could take. We weren't allowed to video the play and the Q&A session. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures, which was taken in a dim light theater.

 I passed by Rico Rodriguez prior to his red carpet, and I tweeted him! He then retweeted my post :) 

Happy 15th Bday to Nolan Gould!! Aka Luke in the film :) 

The best part is the last part!!! The whole casts were exiting the event right next to the door where I seated. I got to hand-slam all of the casts' hands :) Especially, Sofia's! Through the video you can see how super excited I was screaming for Sofia's name! LOL Look at her bling ring slapping my hand! LOL


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