Monday, July 15, 2013

Brandon and Leah live on Hotel Cafe, LA

It's funny how life works out sometimes. I just bought Brandon and Leah 's EP album , which has recently came out on iTunes.. Somehow their mini clips in Keeping Up With The Kardashians caught my attention.. so I decided to buy the whole songs on iTunes. I was obsessed with Leah's voice. I have been hearing it on and on, till then, Brandon posted a poster about their upcoming performance in LA.

I wasn't planning to come since my friends seem busy with their own stuffs, and I didn't want to come alone. But somehow, at last, one of my friend finally was able to accompany me to see this show. 
The funny thing, I didn't buy the pre-sale ticket online because I thought I could just buy it later on close to the show time. But then, we were just braving ourselves to go visit the place and luckily, they still have some available tickets on sale right at the front door! Wohoooo score! It feels great if you're already 21 y.o. here in LA lol (you know what I 'm talking about). 

At last, I just wanted to say how I was entertained and excited that I made it to the show. Leah was such an angel! We got to meet and talk a little, exchanged hugs, and posted for some pictures ! 
Seriously, I would believe in her potential as an artist. She reminds me a lot like Ellie Goulding, but different genre of music. Leah's more playful on stage with her sexy-ness vibe surrounding her bands on stage. Brandon, omg, who would have known you can sing like that ??! He's such an animal, that's what Leah agreed on too ! :) Check his cover bellow in the video and tell me what do you think?! 

The best thing is that in the following morning, Leah liked my picture and commented on it :) Made my day! She's such a sweetheart!! Check out my instagram @lclayderman.

Guys, I have uploaded some of the clips of the video I took, and I put it together for you to enjoy..  
Sorry for the dark background and the blurry image resolutions due to dark lighting in the cafe. It's only 3 mins long, so hopefully it will entertain you as much as I was entertained lol 


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oh great! looks like a fantastic evening!
lovely greets
maren anita


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nice post!

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