Saturday, March 16, 2013

Maroon 5- Overexposed Live Tour, LA 2013

HEY lovieesss ! How's your weekend doing so far? I have been swamped with late night sleep and early morning wake... Busy busy busy bee... But, last night, one more night... I gotta enjoy another memorable concert with Maroon 5 at Staples Center.
Enough said, Adam Levine is the man ! Every girl's dream to fall in his arms , am I wrong??
When the crowd yelled out his name last night, all I could hear was the screaming of women among the audience in a big venue of Levine's die-hard fans. The music band wore all white clothes during the performance from the beginning till the end ! I was hoping for Levine to open his shirt because he was sweating, right after performing the 2nd song of the night... !! Too bad, he did not change or open his top !LOL But, I was just star-truck in looking at his tattooed arms. The room was getting harder and harder to breathe! Beautiful guy with an amazing voice .... All of the audience were singing along like there's no tomorrow... Me and my friends were standing all the way up from the beginning till the end !

 sorry for our photo bombing before the concert starts! LOL :p

 Neon Trees was the opening band...

 Maroon 5 opened the stage with one of my favorite song from "Over Exposed:" "PayPhone."

The closing ended up with "Moves Like Jagger."


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livlovelaugh said...

omg~ I loooooooove adam and maroon 5!


Elisa Zanetti said...

cool! I love the Maroon 5!

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Whoa...I love Maroon are so lucky girl!! Superb pictures :)

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