Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beautiful Rebellion

I am so happy today that I got my 1st paycheck from my 1st real job experience. Job is so far so good; Bosses and coworkers are so nice, treats me like a part of the team :) Anyway, wanna share you guys some photo shoots that I had the other day when I was having my day OFF from work. Thanks to my talented friend slash photographer , Ivana Joy. You guys can check out her facebook page here.

denim top- urban outfitters 
knit cardigan- lamb & flag
legging pants- BDG from urban outfitters 
ankle boots- steve madden

Got the knit jacket and the ankle boots just recently! Love at first sight, I gotta have them into my closet :) Do you like my look guys? Please support me here <3

Lamb & Flag is a new store that had just recently open at Brea Mall. Its inspiration is from UK, England but its production is based at U.S.A.

 Cool free bottled water! Best service ever! I got a cup of coffee from the store last time I went there! <3

 Got these 5 bracelets for free :) They rock! 

Got the cool necklace also for free <3

Thanks to Lamb&Flag for featuring me as the "New Style Spotlight:"


Aurelia said...

unfortunately I don't know where is that graffiti (on my blog - life is beautiful), I found it in the net.
Super outfit, as usually. Hugs

Moon Child said...

love those sweaters..and the free bracelets are awesome, lucky!! Nice feature on you! X

Monse Fuentes said...

cool outfit, i love the sweater!


Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

Congrats on your new job and your first paycheck, that's awesome!! Love your outfit, you look gorgeous!

Laura Clayderman said...

thankss loveliesss... <3
you guys have a merry holiday season ok!!

Moon Child said...

How funny those are rvca!! And yes..there is a rvca store on melrose&fairfax (la 90036)...super cool! X

Laura Clayderman said...

thanks for the info moon child! <3

Paula said...

Omg I love that yellow cardigan <3

Nadya Joy Soetanto said...
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Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

great look :) the sweater is great for the holiday season!

Anonymous said...

i love the print on your cardigan! it looks so nice and cozy :) great layering with the denim shirt!

lapetiteblonde said...

omg!great outfit!!
kisses pretty and happy xmas=)

Francesca Giusti said...

love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

lapetiteblonde said...

thanks dear!and of course,follow you on google friens connect=)
kisses pretty!!

and so it goes.... said...

Beautiful! I love everything about this looK!


Ms.Fashionista said...

This is a stunning look! Never heard of the company but will definitely be checking it out! Follow each other?


Veronica P. said...

superb look ! love that cardigan

Unknown said...

Hi laura!!!!! Finally on you blog!!
Unfortunately I don't have enough time to visit other blogs! =(
But I like yours and you sweet smile!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

you look lovely! your cardi is perfect here (and not only here - I already a lot of places where it can be used)

Inside and Outside Blog

Meera said...

I love those shoes! Amazing outfit. <3


Anonymous said...

love this look! neutral colors are so warm and inviting. that cardigan looks so cozy too and i love the print! cute blog girl. <3


Ecaterina Radovna said...

Amazing and interesting blog!

Please follow my blog if you like it!

or my Facebook page-

Clara Turbay said...

I enjoyed this post. Enjoy mine.

Meera said...

Thanks for your comment! I would love to follow one another. <3 I have done so!


Tiffany said...

ooh I really love the knit cardigan! Glad to hear your job is going well :)

ElizaElizabete said...

I love the pictures, you look really great ;)
Hey, and it would be great if you could visit my blog and follow if you like it! I'd be glad to do the same for you!
♥ Eliza

thecalichemist said...

hi laura! met you at the charity shoot yesterday and they told me you were also a fashion blogger so I had to come check out your blog =) its always exciting to meet local fashion bloggers. Following your blog now! ^_^


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