Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Once I arrived at my hometown, Surabaya, Indonesia, an old friend of mine bbm me to meet up with me. So today is officially the first day of me going out and catching up with my friend in Indonesia. Today is just the beginning, there will be more hectic and fun events to come :) So stick around, I'll be posting lots of delicious and boisterous pictures ...

Here are some pics of a new, "french-inspired" place, Hate and Hatter, that my friend took me today for deserts after dinner to chit chat and chill...

Pardon me for the blurry or low quality of pictures because we didn't intend to grab a desert after dinner, that's why none of us managed to bring our slrs. But instead, my friend ends up bringing her fujifilm polaroid in her bag :)


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