Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Modern Family Casts Hold Fan Appreciation Day #MOFYDAY

Last night I attended the Modern Family Fan Appreciation Day, sponsored by USA Network... #MOFYDAY... !! Modern Family is a comedy sitcom aired on ABC that has already won 18 Emmys Awards. The event was held at Westwood, LA. The same place where I attended Selena Gomez's movie premiere. It was such an amazing night to see the whole cast attending the red carpet and Q&A session. They read a play from the drama that fans voted for. Lily came in during the middle of the session, which melts everyone's heart watching her walking through the stage with her cute red kimono. My fave would be Sofia Vergara or Gloria as called in the film. She is hilariously funny. I just like everything about her.. The way she talks and move and have you not notice, she smiles a lot... I say like a lot! LOL Which is good to pass on that positive fines to always smile and be happy :)

Well without further ado, here are some of the snaps that I could take. We weren't allowed to video the play and the Q&A session. Sorry for the poor quality of pictures, which was taken in a dim light theater.

 I passed by Rico Rodriguez prior to his red carpet, and I tweeted him! He then retweeted my post :) 

Happy 15th Bday to Nolan Gould!! Aka Luke in the film :) 

The best part is the last part!!! The whole casts were exiting the event right next to the door where I seated. I got to hand-slam all of the casts' hands :) Especially, Sofia's! Through the video you can see how super excited I was screaming for Sofia's name! LOL Look at her bling ring slapping my hand! LOL

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Katy Perry benefits a cancer-survival org by bringing PRISM alive on stage at Hollywood Bowl

Last night was such a magical night with Katy Perry. The born and raised Santa Barbara singer rocked the stage with some of her A-list friends benefiting the breast cancer awareness month. The #WeCanSurvive concert proceed goes to Young Survival Coalition, an organization with purpose in beating and preventing cancer! Such a great cause for buying this concert ticket. Not only that, it was my first time watching a concert at Hollywood Bowl, an outdoor scene, where I am not really used to the cold now during Fall season. I have always getting used to watch numerous concerts at LA Staples or Nokia Theater, but not Hollywood Bowl. 

The guest stars who were performing on stage last night include; Ellie GouldingSara Bareilles, Tegan and Sara and Kacey Musgraves.

Moreover, before the big performances of all the stars, I got a VIP soundcheck and exclusive Q&A session with Katy Perry herself! NONE other! Again, CITI did a great job and of course, AMP Radio for creating this event. It was really a memorable concert and event for me. I stayed there for half days, but I can say I am satisfied with everything along with the VIP museum patio check in where all of us VIPS can take a break and get refreshed with free hors d'oeuvres and non-alcoholic served. 

Here are some of the videos I took during the VIP soundcheck with Katy Perry. There weren't too many audience, which was really cool because even Katy herself liked the atmosphere of it and said it was definitely exclusive and a cool soundcheck event.  


She surprised us with fireworks flowing on the beautiful night sky, while performing "FIREWORKS."

At last, Katy surprised us again by bringing back all her friends who performed that night to end the show by singing "ROAR."

Katy's newest album, PRISM, is already out on Oct. 22, 2013. This time, I feel like her latest album is more spiritual because of her deep lyrics shown throughout her songs.

all pics are from my lens :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zac Efron Bares his Butt and Skins !

Reportedly coming out of rehab recently, Zac Efron is hotter than ever and he's back to business! This time nakedly! The new trailer for his upcoming movie, That Awkward Moment,  is out... The buzz about Zac being naked is true. In the trailer, he is baring all of his skins while talking on a phone with his friend/co star and planking on the top of a toilet seat.
His move is surely not awkward, in fact, most of us would agree that we can't wait to see the movie!!

A bit more info about this scene is that Zac and his co star were taking viagra pills and needed to pee with erections. Please be cautious about having children around in watching the trailer, after all it is an R- rated movie.

Enjoy :p

pics are from yahoo movies and just jared