Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Olivia Palermo as Miss Vogue Aussie Edition

If I were to name my favorite NY socialite/ fashionista, it would be Olivia Palermo. I think the Australian Vogue agrees too! Ms. Palermo was recently name as Miss Vogue #12 and appeared on the front page of The Vogue Australia webpage. Here are some of her editorials: 

pics are from

Photo by Darren McDonald.
Styled by Christine Centenera.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Avril Lavigne's Mini Outdoor Concert Live at Jimmy Kimmel

I had the chance to see Avril live on stage again this time ! 2nd time in a year! Wohoo!! I have adored Avril since high school and will always be. You know how it is.. No one can kick ass and be a mother f*ckin princess as good as her LOL 

This time, I got a free deal to be at Avril 's mini outdoor concert sponsored by Jimmy Kimmel. Before Avril got out, I also got chosen to be on the private taping area outdoor, where Avril and her background dancers will open the event first place. How exciting! I can't wait to see the event airs on TV on Sept. 26th, 2013!! :) Hopefully, my face will get shot because the dancers and the shark were covering me!! :(

After all, I was just super happy to see her perform again for a few numbers of people outdoor! What a great memory... Can't wait for her upcoming newest album out on Nov. 5, 2013, but you can pre order them on Sept. 24, 2013 !! It will be her 5th studio album this time. We can't get enough of the rock and roll punk princess!

Sorry for the poor quality images, since as you all know, we aren't allowed to bring big camera to the event. We weren't even allowed to bring a big bag! LOL
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Here is the legit version of Avril Lavigne performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Can you spot me there? I'm right behind Avril Lavigne with a white shirt and blue jeans , clapping and singing along! :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Harper Beckham spotted on Victoria Beckham's Fashion Show #NYFW

As you lovelies know, there are so many buzz regarding New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Here are just some of the little things that make big headlines today during NYFW.

Yes, we are talking about the cute mini Beckham spotted on the front row of her mother's fashion show. Little Harper is looking adorable in a Chloe dress, sitting on her dad's lap. David Beckham is looking so dapper in a black and white suit. This cute duo is sitting next to Anna Wintour, the preeminent Vogue Editor In Chief. Who wouldn't smile to see Harper? Even Anna Wintour's heart is melted by Harper's existence. Wintour spotted smiling after having a sweet little conversation with the little fashionista before the show began.

 Victoria Beckham tweeted this picture out earlier <3 cute="" how="" p="">

 Who else other than VB that can pull out such a chic look in a contemporary black and white outfit?!

Such a modish family!!

Other than The Beckhams, Ms. Rita Ora also makes the headline today by surprising the audience during DKNY "25th anniversary" fashion show. She closed up the show by owning the stage like she's a supermodel! Other super models like Karlie Kloss and Chanel Iman walked on the runway too! 
Rita Ora looks foxy with her usual red lipstick on and a curly blonde hair!

all pictures are courtesy of DailyMail UK

Friday, September 6, 2013

Justin Bieber as the New Face of Adidas Neo

Today's post is to all the Beliebers out there.. It may seems ridiculous to have a crush on someone younger than you, but come on, who doesn't love a cool, swaggy, young man? Most of guys have been through that phase (in your teen phase) when you were trying your best to impress the ladies. PLEASE admit it! LOL 
But, I think JB doesn't to try so hard to impress the ladies. He is just being himself with his "cool" casual vibe, swaggy look. Here he is posing for his newest campaign for Adidas Neo. 

"One of the great ways to showcase yourself is through fashion," and "For me, style is an adventure, something to have fun with" said JB as the new face of Adidas Neo. 

pics are courtesy of Teen Vogue

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Cabos San Lucas

As I have promised you lovelies to post some of the pictures from my recent trip to Cabos San Lucas, Mexico for Summer 2013... It was definitely a trip to remember... I didn't visit with my friends, which would be more interesting to do since the city is all about unlimited booze and food LOL.. I was just enjoying my summer vacay with my outside family. I tanned, slept, swam, played on the beach, did some water sports like kayaking and snorkeling... It was a beautiful place to visit, but I still prefer Bali somehow :) However, I would still love to visit Cancun with my friends hopefully someday soon when I have the chance to :)

With my lovely grandparents, enjoying the sun and the pool

Beautiful hotel where I stayed in.. called 'Barcelos Los Cabos'

What happens in Cabos, stays in Cabos