Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lovatics went crazy for Demi Lovato !

So I arrived at 2 p.m. (an hour earlier) to see Demi, but the line was already crazy and crowded! I didn't think that I would make it through the front line and get to meet Demi. I was kinda bit shocked that there were sooooo many LOVATICS out there ! :) Some fans have even stayed for the night, and some came way earlier to stand on the line. I guess I was lucky enough to get a black wristband to cut to the front line and took a pic with Demi because hundreds of fans didn't get the chance to come inside to meet and take picture with Demi :( Demi was incredibly nice and passionate to her fans. She even welcome me with a hug prior to taking the picture and I got to hug her again after taking the pic!
As what I promise to you guys and LOVATICS out there... here is the photo of me and Demi Lovato <3

Here is Demi's pic in the car, on the way to see her fans ...

And here is the afterwards video of her saying thank you to all her fans who make it through today....


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