Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Queen of Pop is back!

It's hard for someone to come back up again when she is having a depression of quiet some time in her life. Yes, I salute Britney Spears for rising up again and stand up for herself. Honestly, I couldn't wait to see her in Femme Fatale Concert, which is coming up pretty soon after my finals week is done! :)
I bought 2 tickets and a new lense already to shot some pics of her .... 
Anyway, if anyone of you are also going to her concert, here are some juicy details about the lists of the songs she's going to perform : 
1) Hold It Against Me
2) Up N’ Down
3) 3
4) Piece of Me
5) Big Fat Bass
6) How I Roll
7) Lace and Leather
8) If You Seek Amy
9) Gimme More
10) Drop Dead Beautiful
11) He About To Lose Me
12) Boys (Remix)
13) Don’t Let Me The Last To Know
14) Baby One More Time
15) S&M
16) Trouble For Me
17) I’m A Slave 4 U
18) Burning Up (Madonna cover)
19) I Wanna Go
20) Womanizer
21) Toxic
22) Till The World Ends

My favorite from Femme Fatale album would be : Till The World Ends, Hold it Against Me, I Wanna Go, How I Roll, Win a Trip to Your Heart, and many more!

Here are some sneak peak of Brit's interview :

Finger cross, Ke$ha would appear too along with Nicki Minaj to perform their mix of "Till The World Ends." For more info about the concert and Britney's updates go to : britney-spears-femme-fatale-tour-preview/ or britney-spears/

I will definitely post some pics after the concerts! So keep tuning in guys.... :)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I grew up with her songs and I'm so happy that she's doing well after all the breakdown. Lucky you for scoring her concert tickets! xoxoxoo

Vonny said...

love britney sooo much :D

Laura Clayderman said...

fashion- i feel the same way too ! :) i'll post up some pics after the concert for you!

joninel- me too!

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